Water, light, space and atmosphere are the basic elements out of which my work evolves. My method foregrounds the reflective surface of a small body of water contained in glass bowl in relation to the surrounding lighting conditions.

I work with the landscape convention (specifically the relations between foreground, background and horizon) as akin to an architectural structure or acoustic echo chamber. I work with a bowl of water as like a bell that reverberates and resonates. My objective is to amplify the aesthetic relation between atmospheric light, a small body of water and the camera’s light sensor in order to emphasise the sensitivity of the relation between the world and the image. The images are aimed to model the world in its appearing ⸺ in the approach the world takes to becoming visible.

My purpose in accentuating spatial relations internal to the artwork is to enable this dynamic to activate the encounter between the viewer and the work. My intention is to engage the audience with a viewing experience that is subtle, complex and affecting.